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Learn English through world events and words in the news. Wordflashback is an online vocabulary course that helps you retain what you've learned, with funny, relevant content.

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A personalized course
adapted to your vocabulary needs and capabilities.
Customized review
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Terms from the headlines
with a fun twist, featuring idioms, puns, wordplay and hidden meanings.

Words in the news

Each lesson is centered on a word making the rounds in the press from the world of politics, economics, sports, culture, etc. Learn vocabulary, idioms, definitions and more while taking a fun look at the headlines, past and present.

Our archive goes back to 2010. Enjoy reminiscing about current events from way back when, and improve your English at the same time!

Learn on the go

With apps available for iOS and Android, enjoy your lessons whenever and wherever you like.

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How does it work?

1 Each day you'll receive a personalized lesson geared around a term inspired by world events.
2 Once you’ve finished the lesson, you'll immediately receive a personalized list of vocabulary to review.
3 Your next lesson will be customized based on your strengths and weaknesses to develop a personalized review plan.
4 We'll calculate the ideal length of time to wait before revising weaker words to help them stick in your memory for good.

Keeping learners motivated

There’s no use developing wonderful educational tools if they aren’t used. Wordflashback motivates and encourages its users to continue their progress by making e-learning as fun as possible.

Our AI software adapts each lesson to the needs and level of the learner. They receive personalized content, explanations and corrections to make sure every minute is well spent.


Over 3 million people use our courses. Here's what they say about us:


"Every single one is so clever. What a great way to learn English!"

"I love current events and this is a fun and really interesting way to learn. Even those of us who are nearly fluent can learn something new."

"All the themes are interesting and intelligent and your sense of humour is second to none. Can't wait for the next one!"